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Our​ goal is to achieve your​ vision: to drive change, develop your business, and ensure tangible and sustainable results.
What We Do

Playfair offers consultancy and advisory services to a wide variety of clients across many different industries and regions, from local charities to nationwide tech companies. Equipped with specialised knowledge of the local and national business community, our consultants are able to meet a diverse range of project briefs. We build strong client relationships and engage with all stakeholders to produce universally beneficial output and supply the desired results, clearly recording and communicating all progress throughout the project.

Are there costs involved?

We operate on a pro-bono basis and offer our services free of charge with the aim of providing our student consultants with development opportunities. However, if you are satisfied with our services we do appreciate any donations. These are reinvested in Playfair to safeguard our sustainability and to improve our resources and services.

About the Project Cycle

We run two project cycles annually from February through April and September through November, with each project lasting ten weeks. Clients are confirmed at least one month in advance of the start date.

Week 1

Project Brief & Introduction

Prior to starting work, our Relations Team will arrange a suitable task brief to be delivered by our company. Having finalised all of the necessary details, the client will be assigned a team leader to commence the 10 week project. A first formal introductory kick-off meeting will be held as soon as possible. 

Week 5 or 6

Mid-Term Review

Our consultants will arrange to have a mid-term review with their respective clients at this time. This is an opportunity for the team to discuss their work thus far, and for the client to raise any issues and thoughts before their team begins to synthesise and evaluate their research. 

Week 9

Final Report

A professional report documenting a team's research, results and analysis is due in the penultimate week of a project. This will be handed to the client at the presentation the following week. Each report is meticulously reviewed to ensure it is of the high standard and clarity that we guarantee. 

Week 10

Final Presentation & Feedback

Clients and any of their invited stakeholders will be given a final report and presentation that responds to all points stated in the task brief. Following the conclusion of a project, we like to keep in touch with a client to hear about their future success and ask for feedback regarding our performance.

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