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The Playfair experience is unparalleled in St Andrews. Browse below to see what we offer our members; applications can be found at bottom of page
Real work, real clients, real experience 

We've had the privilege of working with 30+ unique clients since our inception in 2013. We've worked with local charities, London tech start-ups, international food exporters, and more; this diverse range of clients means our members regularly have the chance to work on interesting projects across a wide set of industries. Browse a list of our past clients here.

Training & Development 

Working on your projects will help you develop a wide range of skills -- strategic thinking, public speaking, research, and more -- that are applicable across any career. Outside of your projects, we have three training events per semester, specifically geared towards helping you develop as consultants and get ahead in the business world. 

A community of like-minded individuals 

Being a Playfair member means getting to know keen, driven, motivated students like yourself. We pride ourselves on our professionalism - reflected in the high standard to which we hold our teams - and our openness, reflected in regular socials where you'll get to know members you may not meet otherwise

After a few semesters in Playfair, you will have naturally built a professional network that can help you get to where you want to be. Not only will you meet individuals within the firm who can help you find work, but you'll have access to our extensive alumni network, made up of individuals working across the world in a number of industries and roles. 

Our Roles

We're not a society, we are an independent business; as such, our organization is fairly complex, with a number of roles across multiple business functions.


Problem-solver, critical thinker, strategist 

Our consultants work in small teams of five to deliver value to our clients. Working on a single project per semester, you will conduct independent research & meet with your teams weekly to consolidate findings and determine next steps. Delivering a final report at the end of the project cycle, you will help drive growth for our clients.


Creative, unorthodox, perfectionist

Our marketing team manages our brand, website, and social media accounts, developing and executing on strategy to generate visibility for Playfair. From taking photos, to designing visuals, to coming up with innovative marketing strategies, you are responsible for maintaining our brand image to attract applicants and clients.

Client Relations

Outgoing, convincing, professional 

Our client relations team are responsible for sourcing clients for the following semester. Meeting with local business leaders, drafting up project proposals, and maintaining our network of past clients are your key responsibilities. This team drives Playfair's growth, and requires individuals comfortable speaking to strangers and pitching our services.

Human Relations

Organised, exacting, passionate

Human relations runs our recruitment cycles and delivers value to our team, making certain that we're hiring St Andrew's best and ensuring their experience with us enables their ambitions. You will review applications, conduct interviews, and consistently find ways to get our members where they want to be after university.

Do I need prior business or consulting experience?


We don't look for applicants with any prior consulting experience. The top traits we look for are motivation, drive, and problem-solving ability: as long as these show across past extracurriculars, and in your interview, we'll be happy to have you. Our team comes from a wide variety of subjects: Art History, Geology, Neuroscience, Economics, you name it. We don't look for the finished product, but rather, somebody willing to learn and grow with us.

When will applications next be open?

Keep an eye on social media

Applications are typically open for a brief moment at the beginning of the semester, and for a few weeks nearing the end of the semester. Specific dates are posted primarily to our Facebook page, so make sure you follow it to keep up-to-date on our recruitment cycles!​​​

What does the application process look like?

Application, then either an interview or assessment centre

If being hired at the beginning of the semester, you will go through an application and 30-minute interview. The interview consists of some behavioural questions for us to get to know you and a short case study question for us to test your problem-solving ability! Don't worry if you've never done a case study, we'll walk you through it. If being hired near the end of the semester, you will go through an application then an assessment centre. The assessment centre is a few hours long; you'll be asked to work with a small team to solve a simple case, during which we'll test your problem-solving and teamwork abilities, and you'll be pulled aside for a short 10-minute interview.

What is the time commitment like?

3-5 hours/week

We ask all of our members to put in 3-5 hours a week, which includes weekly meetings and independent work. However, Playfair is an organisation where you get what you put in; high-performing members quickly find themselves in leadership roles, where they get to run their own teams or even the company itself!

How can I learn more?

Get in touch!

Browse our website and social media pages to learn more about our business! If you still have questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch; message our Facebook page or email us for a quick response to any question -- any at all -- that you might have!

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