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We are a non-profit consulting firm operating out of St Andrews, working with local, national, and international organisations to solve their most pressing strategic issues. We're not just a society, we are a Community Interest Company: a fully independent business run by students!



Playfair Consultancy Group C.I.C. has grown considerably since its foundation in 2013, and in doing so we have consulting experience unmatched in the St Andrews student community. Starting as a group of 15 students serving local SMEs, we've grown to 60+ members serving clients as varied as Fife charities, London tech start ups, and international food exporters. The wide array of clients we've served, while maintaining a focus on working with the St Andrews community, benefits both our clients and members. We believe the fresh, unique perspectives our members offer to our clients - as well the knowledge and skills members gain from their time with us - are what set us apart from our contemporaries.



The relationship between our members and clients is entirely mutualistic: students are able to work and interact in a real company with real outcomes, gaining a strong foundation upon which they can build future career paths, while organisations receive gainful advice and solutions from highly motivated, gifted and ardent students. We are able to help realize our member's professional ambitions, and in turn, they help you realize yours; this synergy has aided over 100 students and more than 30 clients since the company’s inception.


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St Andrews, Fife UK

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