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St Andrews, Fife UK

Playfair Consultancy Group C.I.C. | SC475488

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Social Media Management

Think of your social media as a digital window display...

It should have an eye-catching appearance and a clear message that conveys who you are to attract more customers. Playfair can help you revamp your social media’s image to make your business stand out. We can take social media and marketing responsibilities off your hands; consulting with you every few weeks to help hone your brand image and promote what you deem necessary, we can deal with the day to day responsibility of posting to social media and engaging with customers.​

What We Offer
Our Team
Eliza Gray


Eliza, a fourth year studying Management and Art History, joined Playfair in 2017 focusing on graphic design work. Having taken multiple marketing courses, and with a number of advertising internships under her belt, she has a wide range of experience to draw from helping improve your marketing efforts!

Misha Bogdanov


Misha, a fourth year studying Management and International Relations, joined Playfair in 2016 to help spearhead a total rebrand of the organization, redesigning all company multimedia including our logo and website. He currently helps a local business, where he holds a part-time job, run their social media accounts.

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