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Driving Growth for Scottish Businesses, Charities, and SMEs Since 2013

We are a student-run consulting firm providing pro-bono services to local, national, and international organisations. Our teams provide a fresh perspective and practical solutions to our clients' most pressing challenges. Operating out of St Andrews, we work across many different industries and regions, from local charities to nationwide tech companies.


We've done market entry strategy, competitive analyses, organisational restructuring, and more: if you have an idea you'd like explored or a problem needs solved, we can commit a team of driven students to conduct the research you don't have time for.




Playfair hires students for consulting, human relations, client relations, and marketing roles. Our members gain valuable experience through working with real businesses in a variety of sectors, providing them with a clear advantage when entering the workforce; our alumni have gone on to work for some of the world's leading firms!


Our members don't just get to add an exciting experience to their CV: they have a vast alumni network to tap into, multiple training workshops throughout the year, and the chance to meet like-minded, ambitious individuals. 


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