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The Playfair experience is unparalleled in St Andrews. Browse below to see what we offer our members, learn about our departments, and get a better idea of how you can partake in this experience.

We offer real experience

Over the decade since our inception in 2013, we have been fortunate enough to have worked with over 45 unique clients from all across the globe and within different sectors. Throughout these 10 years, our members have had the privilege of meeting many incredible and inspiring individuals through our diverse and international client base. Please browse a list of some of our past clients here. 


We offer training and development

Whilst being a member of Playfair Consultancy Group, you will gain valuable professional skills that will be transferable to the workforce outside of St Andrew on both consulting and operations teams. 

We offer community

Being a Playfair Consultancy Group member means getting to know keen, driven, motivated students like yourself. We pride ourselves on our professionalism and openness. After a few semesters with Playfair, you will have naturally built a professional network and cultivate true friendships. Access to our extensive Alumni Network made up of individuals working across the world presents another avenue to make both personal and professional connections. 


Read below to learn more about the different departments that make up Playfair Consultancy Group, and see what might be a good fit for you.



Our consultants work in small teams of 4-5 students to deliver value to our clients, becoming practiced in professional activities such as problem solving and analysis, strategy development, process improvement, and more. Working on a single project per semester, you will conduct independent research & meet with your team weekly to consolidate your findings.

Our marketing team works on developing and executing our strategy to generate visibility for Playfair Consultancy Group, managing our brand, website, and social media accounts. Being a part of this team, you not only gain substantial insight and experience on marketing strategies utilized on a professional scale, but also become skillful with a variety of multimedia and creative designing softwares. Marketing team members also have the opportunity to work directly with clients as opportunities arise. 







Human resources runs our recruitment cycles, runs our events, and takes care of all internal affairs. HR team members will review applications, conduct interviews, and consistently find ways to get our members to where they want to be after university.

Outreach is comprised of two teams: Client relations and Business Relations. The former researches, selects, and contacts clients according to their specialties and preferences of our consultants. The latter researches, selects, and contacts individuals and companies that Playfair would be interested in collaborating with. Being a part of either team helps students build and solidify their social, business, and professional networking skills. 





The Playfair experience continues to benefit our members even after they've graduated. If you are interested in joining us, please find more information regarding our application process on our FAQS page.

Coming to St Andrews as a postgrad, I had no prior professional experience, which made it very difficult to apply for full time jobs after graduation. That's when I found out about Playfair. The extremely open and welcoming members, consultants, and heads made the overall experience–in general meetings/assemblies–and the project work extremely insightful. Since I joined Playfair, every company in following job interviews has focused on my time in Playfair, as it was recognized as official experience. For any student looking to get into consulting or trying to find their field of preference within business, Playfair is the ideal place to get started!


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