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Playfair Consultancy Group is a student-run consulting firm providing pro-bono services to local, national, and international organisations. Our teams provide fresh perspectives and practical solutions to our clients' most pressing challenges. Operating out of St Andrews, we work across many different industries and regions, from local charities to nationwide tech companies. Our firm handles market entry strategy, competitive analyses, organisational restructuring, and more. If you have an idea you would like explored or a problem that needs to be solved, we can commit a team of driven students to conduct the research you might not have time for. 

Our History


Playfair Consultancy Group was founded in 2013 by students Mirko, Dougal, and Katie who recognised there was a surplus of both smart, motivated students and small businesses that needed assistance to grow or initiate change. Playfair formed with the mission of helping students gain meaningful work experience whilst also helping local communities thrive. Playfair's pro-bono services aid businesses that may not be able to afford or access consulting. This has aided hundreds of students and more than 45 clients since the company’s inception and will continue to do so as Playfair’s already strong reputation among students grows and recruitment cycles become increasingly competitive. 

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Pro-Bono Services

We exclusively operate on a pro-bono basis, offering all services free of charge. However, if you are satisfied with our services, we welcome and appreciate any donations. Donations are strictly re-invested back into Playfair Consultancy Group in order to safeguard our sustainability and to improve our resources and services.



Bea Wilding

Head of Outreach


Dare Rolfe

Head of Consulting


Hugo Gough

Head of Consulting


Steve Xing

Head of Legal & Finance


Amber Alexander

Head of Human Resources


Izzy Baradaran

Head of Marketing

Being a part of Playfair Consultancy Group allowed me to develop confidence working with clients, managing fast-paced projects, and growing a small business. I still keep in touch with the great people I met at Playfair who are now working across tech, finance & consulting. Playfair allowed me to experience the joy of building a company and delivering valuable services to people who need them. This inspired me to quit my investment banking job in 2019 and start my own tech startup. I would wholly recommend any student with a passion for business or consulting to join Playfair.



Both our clients and student members gain so much from the relationship that Playfair offers. Fresh ideas and perspectives are exchanged allowing both parties to grow and thrive. 

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